Surf Berbere

Apartment 3, Hash Point, Taghazout

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Surf Berbere


Overview of Hostel

Surf Berbere is located in Taghazout a stone's throw from Agadir and offers unbeatable package and accommodation for surfers of all levels in one of the finest surfing destinations in the world with a yearly average of 330 days of sunshine a year.

Tagazout, South Morocco provides some of the clea

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From Agadir, take a taxi to Taghazout. Most taxi drivers will know the Surf Berbere surf camp, but if you have a driver that doesn't know the village direct him past the Mosque, through the main street until you reach the junior school. The surf camp has a traditional white berber tent on one of the terraces that is easily visible from the main road..

Located near

Taghazout primary school Agadir Essaouirra

Conditions & Policy

Please try and get to the hostel before 8pm, if you think that you are going to arrive later, please e-mail us at at least a day in advance so we can organise your arrival.