La Paz On the Road

La Paz , Bolivia
La Paz is located about 3,000 feet high holding about one million people. La Paz means peace. The area was ruled by the Incas and then the Spanish, but is now independent. The city has many different sites, good food and unique markets.

Some places to visit would include the Presidential Palace, The Cathedral (from 1835), San Francisco and Santa Domingo Churches. There are a number of museums such as Museo Costumbrista (displays various dolls and photos), Museo Nacional de Arqueologia (artifacts of Tiahuanacus), Museo del Oro (works of gold, silver and other metals) and the Museo del Charango (displays musical instruments). There are other such sites as Mercado de Brujas which is a witches market where herbs, remedies and other such things are sold. Tiahuanaco is a well kept ruin that was built over 1,000 years ago by the original Tiahuancu people. There is also a great look out spot called Moon Valley which is a wonderful place to take some pictures of beautiful views of canyons.

Nearby Titicaca Lake is perfect for day trips. It happens to be the highest lake in the country. Here you can go swimming and hiking on an island called the Island of the Sun which is located in the lake. But the real draw card here is the local community, who live on floating platforms on top of the lake.

For food there are all types. The amazing thing is that you can find a very satisfying meal for cheap. There are various types of meats, fruits and vegetables. Most places are healthy and will cater to the vegetarian. The main dishes of La Paz include soaked chalona (dry meat), chairo (a soup made of chuno which is potato) and fricassee (pork meat, chuno, white corn and yellow pepper).

There is no shortage of night life in La Paz. There's everything you could ever want from live music in bars to dance clubs where you can dance to salsa, techno, rock, hip-hop and more. There are many different dance places such as El Loro en Su Salsa, Boccaccio, Noa Noa, Coco Loco, La Luna or Forum and still many more!


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