Vancouver, BC

Marrakesh, Morocco

North West Africa

Marrakech, also Murrakus in Berber.  It is one of the top travel destinations in North West Africa. Suq of Medina A street market place where you can buy all sorts of products, from leather bags, spices, silver, home products, to more modern items and food. Each street was named after the commodity that was sold there…

Vancouver, BC

Four mountains and two oceans

An adventure into natural history.

Cape Town is a destination for the explorer that appreciates the rarer elements of life. Cape town is nestled in an naturally forming “bowl” which is formed by the four prominent mountains at the end of the Cape of Good Hope; Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, Signal Hill, and Devil’s Peak. These mountains have given Cape Town a…

Vancouver, BC

Royal city Rabat

Festival Mawazine

Are you looking for something different this year? Planning May holidays but have no idea where to go? Well, Morocco would be perfect solution, while in Rabat city there is held huge, successful and totally free Festival Mawazine, it's a celebration n of world music, its diversity and rhythms. From the 18th until 26th of May you will be able to…

Vancouver, BC

Sousse, Tunisia

In the footsteps of Monty Python

Arriving in Sousse was my first meeting with arab culture. Maybe not the most authentic, as this part of Tunisia is fairly westernized and full of tourists. So was also the case of Sousse, but luckily it rained like crazy at the moment of my arrival, and all the hustlers was busying hustling the tourists that was trying to find shelter, while I was…


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